CDS 110: Introduction to Control Theory

Winter 2003


Richard M. Murray

Office hours by appointment

Teaching Assistants

  • Lars Cremean (
  • Zhipu Jin (

Office hours: Fri, 4pm and Sun, 5 pm in 110 Steele

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This is the homepage for CDS 110b, Introduction to Control Theory. This web page is managed by Richard Murray. Last modified: 17-Mar-2003 .

Lectures: Monday, 2-3 pm and Wed 1-3 pm, 206 Thomas

Week Date Lec Topic (click for details) FAQ Reading Homework
6 Jan L11.1 Course introduction; observability FAQ Friedland, Ch 7, 8; L11_2dfan.m HW #9 [FAQ, solns]
8 Jan L11.2 Observers; separation principle FAQ
13 Jan L12.1 Linear quadratic regulators (LQR) FAQ Friedland, Ch 9; feed foward notes; L12_2dfan.m HW #10 [FAQ, solns]
15 Jan L12.2 Tracking and regulation using LQR FAQ
20 Jan L13.1 No class: Martin Luther King Day   Notes HW #11 [FAQ, solns]
22 Jan* L13.2 Receding horizon control FAQ
27 Jan L14.1 Introduction to random processes FAQ Friedland, Ch 10 HW #12 [FAQ, solns]
29 Jan L14.2 Stochastic control systems FAQ
3 Feb L15.1 Kalman filters FAQ Friedland, Ch 11 Midterm [solns]
5 Feb* L15.2 Midterm review FAQ
10 Feb L16.1 Norms of signals and systems FAQ DFT, Ch 1,2,3 HW #13 [FAQ, solns]
12 Feb L16.2 H_infty control design FAQ
17 Feb L17.1 No class: Presidents Day   DFT Ch 4 HW #14 [FAQ, solns]
19 Feb L17.2 Robust stability and performance FAQ
24 Feb L18.1 Robust analysis FAQ DFT Ch 6, L18_1dfan.m, L18_2dfan.m HW #15 [FAQ, solns]
26 Feb L18.2 Design constraints FAQ
3 Mar L19.1 Loopshaping FAQ DFT Ch 7; FPE 8.1-8.3 (handed out in class) HW #16 [FAQ, solns]
5 Mar L19.2 Discrete time systems FAQ
10 Mar* L20.1 Describing functions FAQ Review notes [w/ figures] Final [due 3/19]
12 Mar* L20.2 Feedback linearization FAQ

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There is no required text for the course. Reading material for the class will be posted here, along with links to supplemental information.

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