CDS 101/110 -- Fall 2003

Analysis and Design of Feedback Systems

CDS 101/110

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Lecture Schedule

The table below gives the lecture schedule for both CDS 101 and CDS 110. Lectures for CDS 101 students are on Mondays and Fridays. Lectures for CDS 110 students are on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Fridays optional.

Lec Topic (click for details) FAQ Reading Homework
29 Sep
L1.1 Introduction to Feedback and Control FAQ AM03, Ch 1 HW #1 [FAQ, solns]
30 Sep
L1.2 Review of ODEs and linear algebra FAQ Lew03, App A & B [more]
3 Oct
L1.3 Cremean: MATLAB tutorial    
6 Oct
L2.1 System Modeling FAQ AM03, Ch 2 HW #2 [FAQ, solns]
8 Oct
L2.2* ODE modeling for control FAQ  
10 Oct
L2.3 Dickinson: Insect flight control    
13 Oct
L3.1 Stability and Performance FAQ AM03, Ch 3 HW #3 [FAQ, solns]
15 Oct
L3.2 Lyapunov stability FAQ
17 Oct
L3.3 Low: Internet congestion control  
20 Oct
L4.1 Linear Systems FAQ AM03, Ch 4 HW #4 [FAQ, solns]
22 Oct
L4.2 Linear systems analysis; discrete time systems FAQ
24 Oct
L4.3 MacMartin: Segmented telescope control  
27 Oct
L5.1 Controllability and Observability FAQ AM03, Ch 5 Midterm [solns]
29 Oct
L5.2 State feedback; observers and estimators FAQ
31 Oct
L5.3 Cremean: Midterm review  
3 Nov
L6.1* Transfer Functions FAQ AM03, Ch 6 HW #5 [FAQ, solns]
5 Nov
L6.2* Laplace transforms and Bode plots FAQ
7 Nov
L6.3 Dickinson: Biological sensing and actuation  
10 Nov
L7.1 Loop Analysis of Feedback Systems FAQ AM03, Ch 7 HW #6 [FAQ, solns]
12 Nov
L7.2* Nyquist analysis; second order systems FAQ
14 Nov
L7.3 Mabuchi: Quantum control systems  
17 Nov
L8.1 Frequency Domain Design FAQ AM03, Ch 8 HW #7 [FAQ, solns]
19 Nov
L8.2 Ducted fan design example FAQ
21 Nov
L8.3 Bortoff: Aerospace control systems [cancelled]  
24 Nov
L9.1 Limits of Performance FAQ AM03, Ch 9 HW #8 [FAQ, solns]
26 Nov
L9.2 PID control and root locus FAQ
28 Nov
  Thanksgiving holiday  
1 Dec
L10.1 Implementation of Control Systems FAQ AM03, Ch 10 Final [FAQ, due 12/12/03]
3 Dec
L10.2 Murray: Motion control systems FAQ
5 Dec
L10.3 Waydo: Final review