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James L. Beck - Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
Professor Beck conducts research in computational stochastic dynamics (reliability analyses, Bayesian system identification, state estimation and control), using probability to treat uncertainties in modeling the system and its excitation. Applications of current interest are: dynamics of structural systems under earthquakes and a stochastic mechanics approach to quantum mechanics.
Joel Burdick - Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering
Professor Burdick's current research is divided between traditional robotics research, and collaborations with neuroscientists to develop technology for paralyzed nervous systems. Current work includes robot motion planning in dynamic, cluttered environment; grasping and mobile manipulation; and neural prosthetics.
John Doyle - John G. Braun Professor of Control & Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Bioengineering
Professor Doyle's current research interests are in theoretical foundations for complex networks, primarily in engineering and biology, but also multiscale physics and financial markets, and the interplay between robustness, feedback, control, dynamical systems, computation, communications, and statistical physics.
Jerrold Marsden - The late Carl F. Braun Professor of Engineering and Control & Dynamical Systems
Professor Marsden has done extensive research in the area of geometric mechanics, with applications to rigid body systems, fluid mechanics, elasticity theory, plasma physics, as well as to general field theory.
Richard Murray - Thomas E. and Doris Everhart Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering
Richard Murray's research is in the application of feedback and control to networked systems, with applications in biology and autonomy. Current projects include novel control system architectures, biomolecular feedback systems and networked control systems.
Houman Owhadi - Assistant Professor of Applied & Computational Mathematics and Control & Dynamical Systems
Professor Owhadi does research in multi-scale analysis, stochastic processes, homogenization, ergodic theory, large deviations and dynamical systems, anomalous diffusion in disordered media, turbulence (structure, emergence and super-diffusivity), and partial differential equations.
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Research Fellows & Lecturers

Michael Hucka - Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Hucka's research interests include information technology and computational infrastructure for modeling, simulation and analysis in systems biology.
Wang Sang Koon - Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer
Dr. Koon is doing research in the area of applied dynamics with applications to the multi-body problem, low energy trajectory design, and chemical reaction dynamics. He has also done research on geometric mechanics of nonholonomic systems.
Eugene Lavretsky - Lecturer and Technical Fellow (Boeing)
Dr. Lavretsky's research interests include nonlinear dynamics, adaptive control, artificial neural networks, parameter identification, and aircraft flight control.
Doug MacMynowski - Senior Research Associate
Dr. MacMynowski's research interests involve the multidisciplinary application of feedback analysis and control tools to research problems, such as modeling climate systems, fluid systems, and control design for the Thirty Meter Telescope.

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