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CDS Graduate Students 2010 - 2011
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First Year

Name Email Ext. Room
Matanya Horowitz x3555 Annenberg 225
Scott Livingston x3555 Annenberg 225
Nikolai Matni x3555 Annenberg 225
Eric Wolff x3555 Annenberg 225
Enoch Yeung x3555 Annenberg 225

Second Year

Name Email Ext. Room
Zhaoqian 'Steven' Xie Steele 135
Shaun Maguire x3376 Steele 135
Francisco Zabala x3368 Steele 13

Third and Later Years

Name Email Ext. Room
Katheryn (Katie) Broersma x3369 Steele 15
Andrea Censi x8419 Steele 9
Gerardo Cruz x3813 Annenberg-230
Elisa Franco x2313 Steele 4
Henry Jacobs x3661 Annenberg 236
Vanessa D. J├Ânsson x3366 Steele 3
Andrew Lamperski x3371 Steele 19
Javad Lavaei-Yanesi x2289 Steele 7
Na Li x3813 Annenberg 230
Ashley Moore x3366 Steele 3
Marcos Nahmad Bensusan x5951 Broad 2nd floor
Clara O'Farrell x3376 Steele 135
Shaunak Sen x3376 Steele 135
Rangoli Sharan x8419 Steele 9
Somayeh Sojoudi x3813 Annenberg-230
Luis Soto-Ortiz x3369 Steele 15
Molei Tao x6771 Annenberg 235
Peter Trautman x2313 Steele 4
Floris van Breugel x3376 Steele 135
Thomas Werne x3376 Steele 135

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