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Faculty and students in CDS are active in a number of research areas. The primary theoretical areas of research include stochastic and nonlinear dynamical systems, multiscale modeling, optimal and decentralized control, system identification and estimation theory, Bayesian modeling and analysis, and communications and information theory.

Active applications include networking and communication systems, embedded systems and formal verification, robotics and autonomy, molecular and systems biology, integrative biology, economic and financial systems, computing systems, physics of fluids, seismology and earthquake engineering, and space systems.

Selected, active multi-investigator projects:

  • Network Science and Engineering (NSF)
  • Verification of Embedded Control Systems (AFOSR)
  • Distributed Sensing and Control Systems (Boeing, DARPA)
  • Molecular Programming (NSF)
  • Systems Biology (ARO, NIH)
  • Synthetic Biology (ARL)

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