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Travel/Visitor Information

Contact the administrative assistant of the faculty member, who is sponsoring or hosting your trip before you make plans to visit or travel to/from the Control and Dynamical Systems (CDS) Department at Caltech.
Administrative Assistants:
If you are coming to CDS, please complete the Incoming Personnel Form.


Before Traveling

Read the Important Notes to Travelers. In particular, get written authorization from the host/sponsor if financial support is needed. The administrative assistant for the sponsor/host can help you with travel arrangements. Remember to save all your receipts. If you will be flying by ticketless email confirmation, please save your boarding pass!

Please read the Travel FAQs regarding reimbursement policy and the Fly America Act, etc., before making your travel arrangements.

After Traveling

Please complete the reimbursement forms and submit them with your receipts for trip expenses.


Before arriving, each visitor needs a letter of invitation from the sponsor or host for the visit. In addition the administrative assistant will provide help with making arragements for housing, office space, and computing needs.

Visitor Categories:

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