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This page contains information on papers that have been written during the MURI project. They are listed by the year in which they have appeared (or will appear).


  • Load balancing for multi-robot construction, N. Napp and E. Klavins. 2011 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (to appear).
  • C. Pilotto, PhD Thesis: Systematic Design and Formal Verification of Multi-Agent Systems, May 2011
  • J. White PhD Thesis: Applying Formal Methods to Distributed Systems Using Local-Global Relations


  • On the Equivalence of Algebraic Conditions for Convexity and Quasiconvexity of Polynomials, A.A. Ahmadi, P.A. Parrilo. Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2010.
  • Latent Variable Graphical Model Selection via Convex Optimization, V. Chandrasekaran, P. A. Parrilo, and A. S. Willsky, 2010.
  • The Impact of Sense and Response Systems, K. M Chandy. IEEE Internet Computing, 2010
  • Feedback Control for Compositional Multi-Robot Construction, N. Napp and E. Klavins. Conference on Decision and Control, 2010 (submitted)
  • H2-Optimal Decentralized Control over Posets: A State Space Solution for State-Feedback, P. Shah, P.A. Parrilo. Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2010.


  • A convex polynomial that is not SOS-convex, A.A. Ahmadi, P.A. Parrilo. Mathematical Programming, 2009 (submitted).
  • Sum of Squares and Polynomial Convexity, Amir Ali Ahmadi, Pablo A. Parrilo. Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2009 (submitted).


  • Structured semidefinite programs for the control of symmetric systems, R. Cogill, S. Lall and P. A. Parrilo. Automatica, 44(5):1411-1417, 2008.
  • Approximation of the joint spectral radius using sum of squares. P. Parrilo and A. Jadbabaie. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 428(10):2385-2402, 2008.


  • Layering as optimization decomposition: A mathematical theory of network architectures, M. Chiang, S. H. Low, A. R. and J. Doyle. Proceedings of the IEEE, 95(1):255-312, 2007.
  • UAV as a Reliable Wingman: A Flight Demonstration, S Waydo, J Hauser, R Bailey, E Klavins and R M Murray. IEEE transactions on control systems technology, 15(4):680 - 688, 2007.
  • Symbolic planning and control of robot motion - Finding the missing pieces of current methods and ideas, C. Belta, A. Bicchi, M. Egerstedt, E. Frazzoli, E. and G. Pappas. IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, 14(1):61-70, 2007.
  • Recent research in cooperative control of multivehicle systems, Richard M Murray. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 129(5):571-583, 2007.


  • A PTAS for the minimization of polynomials of fixed degree over the simplex, E. de Klerk, M. Laurent and P. A. Parrilo. Theoretical Computer Science, 361(2-3):210-225, 2006.
  • A grammatical approach to self-organizing robotic systems, E. Klavins, R. Ghrist and D. Lipsky. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 51(6):949-962, 2006.
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