Professor Jerrold E. Marsden

Carl F Braun Professor of Engineering
Control and Dynamical Systems & Applied and Computational Mathematics

I N   M E M O R I A M

Jerry Marsden (b. August 17, 1942) lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday September 21, 2010 at age 68 years. He passed away quietly at his home in Pasadena surrounded by family. Jerry was a beloved friend, colleague, teacher and mentor to an enormous number of people around the world and his passing is a huge loss on so many levels. He was a gifted professor and a true human being who wanted to share as much knowledge as he could with all who worked with him. He will be greatly missed and remembered always.

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Caltech News Release
Caltech Online Digital Archives (CODA) - Marsden Publications in Memoriam

Memorial Service: January 28, 2011
California Institute of Technology

JULY 2011:
Jerrold E. Marsden Memorial Activities
ICIAM 2011, July 18-22, 2011

Vancouver Convention Centre, BC, Canada
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Announcing the PIMS Marsden Memorial Lecture Series
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

JULY 2012:
Focus Program on Geometry, Mechanics and Dynamics, the Legacy of Jerry Marsden
The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada

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Mechanics, dynamics and control systems. Mechanical systems with symmetry analyzed using geometric, analytical, and computational techniques as well as dynamical systems, control theory, and bifurcation theory. Applications are made to a variety of engineering and spacecraft systems.

Research Areas

Jerrold Marsden is a professor of Control and Dynamical Systems at Caltech. He has done extensive research in the area of geometric mechanics, with applications to rigid body systems, fluid mechanics, elasticity theory, plasma physics, as well as to general field theory. His work in dynamical systems and control theory emphasizes how it relates to mechanical systems and systems with symmetry, along with concrete application areas of dynamical systems and optimal control, including Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS), space systems, and structured integration methods. He is one of the original founders in the early 1970's of reduction theory for mechanical systems with symmetry, which remains an active and much studied area of research today.

He has won a number of awards for his research. Much of this research can be found from his books and papers and some of his ongoing research is described on his projects page.

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