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Professor Jerrold E. Marsden

Fluid Transport in Empirical Vortex Rings


This movie shows LCS computed from empirical DPIV data of a piston-cylinder generated vortex ring. The LCS bound the interior of the vortex. Furthermore, the LCS intersect to form lobes. These lobes dictate which fluid is entrained or detrained over time. A parcel of fluid is placed in the empirically measured flow field. Particles initially inside the red LCS are colored green and those initially located outside are colored black. As time evolves, all black particles are detrained and all green particles are entrained.

Contact Shawn Shadden, for more information.

Shawn Shadden


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This animation shows lobe dynamic structure in the empircally measured flow about a free-swimming Aurelia aurita jellyfish. The red curve is an LCS computed from the DPIV flowfield. The lobes formed by the LCS bound upstream fluid which is entrained into the subumbrellar region of the jellyfish, as shown in the movie.

Contact Shawn Shadden, for more information.

Shawn Shadden

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