2008 annual review


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The 2008 MURI review will take place at Caltech on 27 October 2008. This review will summarize the results of the first two and a half years of this MURI's activities and the plans for research for the remainder of the project.


The review is open to all participants in the MURI, researchers at government agencies and industry partners. Interested attendees should register by sending e-mail to Richard Murray (murray@cds.caltech.edu) with their name and affiliation. A fee of $15/person will be charged to all government employees attending the meeting to cover the cost of meals and snacks.

The review will take place in 125 Steele Laboratory on the Caltech campus (building 81 on the campus map). Parking is available in any of the Caltech parking lots for $5/day.

If you have question or need help with lodging or directions, please contact Richard Murray or Charis Brown (charismb@caltech.edu, (626) 395-4140).


Note: the links below reference draft versions of the presentations. Final versions will be uploaded after the review on 27 Oct 08.

8:30a   Registration and coffee
9:00a   Overview of the MURI (Murray)
9:30a   Verifica(on and Performance in Networked Embedded Systems (Klavins)
10:00a   Automated verification (Chandy)
10:30a   Break
11:00a   Verification: Architecture, networks, robustness, and complexity (Doyle)
11:30a   Approximation Methods and Safety Analysis for Stochastic Processes (Thorsely)
12:00a   Verification of Probabilistic Systems (Parrilo)
12:30p   Lunch
1:15p   Transition plan + Plans for years 3-5 (Murray)
1:45p   Q&A
2:00p   Poster session
3:00p   Review team caucus
4:00p   Feedback session (review team + PIs only)

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