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This page contains information about the CDS cluster and other shared CDS computing resources. In addition to the CDS infrastructure, we also make use of services provided by the CMS department and local computing by individual research groups. We also have access to campus computing resources provided by CACR and IMSS.

If you have questions about any CDS computing resources, send e-mail to

CDS wiki

CDS runs a MediaWiki installation that can be used for hosting course homepages, project documentation and other information. Note that all information the CDS wiki is publicly accessible, though editing access requires an IMSS account.

  • Creating/editing pages: log in to the wiki by clicking on the "Log in" link in the upper right corner and using your IMSS username and password
  • Tracking edits: if you add your e-mail address to your account (via the my preferences link), you can click on the "watch" tab to get e-mail when any changes are made to a given page
  • Protected pages: some web pages, like this one and the main page, are protected and require sysop privileges. Send e-mail to Richard if you need to change something on one of these pages.

CDS online services (e-mail, web, subversion)

CDS maintains a set of servers that provide e-mail, web and subversion services. These servers are run by IMSS and provide the following functions:

  • Web pages - Apache web server, with ability to install custom software (mediawiki, wordpress, drupal, etc)
  • E-mail - IMAP and SMTP for e-mail addresses (note: webmail is not currently supported)
  • Subversion - web-based access to user-level subversion repositories, including directory-based access control
  • Mailing lists - Mailman-based mailing list software (including cds-mailer and cds-all)

All CDS students, postdocs, faculty and staff have accounts on the CDS server and can make use of these resources. More information on specific services is provided through the links above; requests for help should be sent to Note: The CDS web and e-mail servers are not intended for general purpose computing; use the CDS computing resources described below or individual workstations and laptops.

CDS compute server(s)

Most computing in CDS is done on individual workstations. For larger computing tasks, CDS maintains an 8-core compute server with 5T filer (with tape backup). The current compute server is and is accessible to anyone with a CDS account.

CMS computing

Many CDS students make use of workstations and other services supported by the Department of Computing and Mathematical Science (CMS). These services are managed separately from the services above. CMS provides e-mail, mailing list, and web services for all CDS students and postdocs. For security reasons, CMS does not currently support apache-based subversion access nor some types of web customizations. For help with your (CMS) workstation or CMS computing, send e-mail to

  • CDS printers - information about accessing CDS printers in Steele and Annenberg

Caltech computing resources

  • IMSS - e-mail, web server, VPN (free to all Caltech users)
  • CACR - high performance computing (fee-based)