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The Third Annual Structured Integrators Workshop
University of Southern California (USC)
Monday April 30 & Tuesday May 1, 2007


Monday Schedule

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08:45-09:00Welcome and Announcements, Eva Kanso

09:00-9:40Marin Kobilarov:

DMOC and Robotic Systems

9:40-10:20Nawaf Bou-Rabee:

Hamilton-Pontryagin integrators on Lie groups


10:40-11:20David Pekarek:

Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control for the Compass Biped

11:20-12:00Ari Stern:

DEC and AVIs for Computational Electromagnetism

12:00-2:00Discussions and Lunch


02:00-2:40Sigrid Leyendecker:

Variational integrators and optimal control of constrained systems

2:40-3:20Jee Rim:

Max-Ent effective free energies of proteins


3:40-4:20Tim Sullivan:

Optimal transport and dissipative systems: Deterministic limits for stochastic processes

4:20-5:00Bernd Schmidt:

Energy-dissipation functionals and existence of Navier-Stokes solutions

5:00-5:15Wrap up discussions for the day