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CIMMS Seminars in 2002

Tuesday November 19, 2002
3 pm, 206 Thomas.
Compatibility and microstructure morphology
John Ball, University of Oxford and Institute for Advanced Study

Wednesday October 30, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Multiscale Variability of Shear Stratified Turbulence Around A Jet Stream
Alex Mahalov, Arizona State University, Departments of Mathematics and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Friday October 25, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Lagrangian Averaged Navier-Stokes$-\alpha$ (LANS$-\alpha$) model for turbulence: Connections to LES and New Directions
Darryl D. Holm, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Division and Center for Nonlinear Studies

Monday October 14, 2002
4:15 pm, 101 Guggenheim.
Theory and Computation of Resonances of Photonic Microstructures
Michael I. Weinstein, Bell Laboratories

Monday October 14, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Turbulence Calculations Using the Isotropic Lagrangian Averaged Navier-Stokes alpha Equations
Kamran Mohseni,, University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Wednesday June 12, 2002
1:30 pm, 102 Steele.
Global Well-Posedness and Sharp-Interface Limits of the Phase-Field Navier-Stokes Equations
Steve Shkoller, University of California, Davis, Department of Mathematics

Friday May 31, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Review of Generalized Curvatures
Anil Hirani, Caltech, Department of Computer Science

Thursday May 16, 2002
1:30 pm, 104 Watson.
Simultaneous Critical Points of Multiple Morse Functions
Herbert Edelsbrunner, Duke University , Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

Friday April 19, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Asynchronous Variational Integrators
Adrian Lew, Caltech , Department of Aeronautics

Wednesday April 10, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Discrete Exterior Calculus -- A Hitchhiker's Guide
Melvin Leok, Caltech, Control and Dynamical Systems

Friday April 5, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Variational Subdivision II
Peter Schröder, Caltech, Department of Computer Science

Tuesday April 2, 2002
3:00 pm, 206 Thomas.
Problems With Multiple Scales: Modeling and Computations
Weinan E, Princeton University

Wednesday February 20, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
Detection of almost invariant sets, graphs and molecular conformation
Michael Dellnitz, University of Paderborn, Germany

Monday February 11, 2002
1:30 pm, 125 Steele.
A model for the nucleation and evolution of the martensitic phase transformation
Mitchell Luskin, , University of Minnesota and CIMMS Visitor

Wednesday January 30, 2002
1:30 pm, 102 Steele.
Limitations of achievable performance in control of cavity flow oscillations
Clancy Rowley, Princeton University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tuesday January 22, 2002
1:30 pm, 102 Steele.
CHARMS without the Hollywood sort of magic
Petr Krysl, University of California, San Diego, Department of Computational Mechanics of Solids and Structures

Thursday January 10, 2002
4:00 pm, 201 E. Bridge.
Multiscale Science, From Quantum to Bi
Hideo Mabuchi, Caltech, Department of Physics


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