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This page will contain descriptions of specific, externally funded, research projects hosted by CIMMS. Additional research is carried out via individual collaborations (including graduate students), seminars, and workshops, some of which are funded by CIMMS.

You are invited to visit the seminar and workshop pages for further information.

MMS: NSF/ITR: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
DDC: NSF/ITR: Discrete Differential Calculus
DynaRUM: DARPA: Dynamics Robust Uncertainty Management

  • Discrete Differential Geometry: Theory and Applications (pdf)
  • CMI & CIMMS present a Special Topics Course in Computer Science: Numerical Geometric Integration, CS101.b.3, Winter Term 2009. (pdf)

The CIMMS Lunchtime Discussion Meetings, which take place every other Thursday, will host relatively informal talks, sometimes about work in progress. The meeting will be held in Room 114 Steele (Library) at noon, with a light lunch served, compliments of CIMMS.

Seismic waves from macroscale (tectonic) to microscale (as in the Los Angeles basin) will be studied by CIMMS researchers. (Figure courtesy of Caltech’s Jeroen Tromp and UC Santa Barbara’s Kim Olson.)


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