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CDS 212: Introduction to Modern Control


T&Th, 1-2:30pm, 125 Steele


Jorge Gonçalves, 5 Steele, x3367
Office hours: Tue 2:30pm-3:30pm (after class in 125 Steele)

Teaching Assistant

Xin Liu, 7 Steele, x2289
Office hours: Wed 4pm-6pm (114 Steele)

Course Description

Introduction to modern control systems with emphasis on the role of control in overall system analysis and design. Examples drawn from throughout engineering and science. Open versus closed loop control. State-space methods, time and frequency domain, stability and stabilization, realization theory. Time-varying and nonlinear models. Uncertainty and robustness.

Course Policy

There are going to be 8 homework assignments. Assignments are handed out every Thursday and are due the following Thursday in class. You should contact Jorge in advance to request for an extension. There is going to be a midterm and a final exam. Your homework will contribute to 50% of the final grade, midterm 20%, and final 30%.

Course Textbooks

J.C. Doyle, B. Francis and A. Tannenbaum, "Feedback constrol Theory" , Macmillan Publishing Co., 1990. Downloadable here.

G.E. Dullerud and F.G. Paganini, "A Course in Robust Control Theory: A Convex Approach", Springer-Verlag NY Inc, 2000.

Homework Assignments

Homework1 due Oct 9th in class
Homework2 due Oct 16th in class
Homework3 due Oct 23th in class
Homework4 due Oct 30th in class
Homework5 due Nov 13th in class
Homework6 due Nov 21st to the TA's mailbox (located on the first floor of Steele)
Homework7 due Dec 4th in class


Matlab is available on the ITS machines as well as on other campus machines. Online tutorials for Matlab are available at