Curriculum in Control and Dynamical Systems

Manfred Morari, John C. Doyle, Richard M. Murray
California Institute of Technology

As part of an NSF Combined Research and Curriculum Development grant, We have developed several components a modular curriculum in Control Systems that can be flexibly integrated into undergraduate and graduate programs. This page gives links to the various modules which have been developed and provides further information about how we are integrating experiments and software into the Caltech curriculum.

Overview of the Project
Caltech Control and Dynamical Systems

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Descriptions of the experiments

A key component of the curriculum is a set of experiments which range from teaching basics to providing benchmarks that challenge new design methodologies. We have developed two new experiments using funding from NSF:

Simulation models of the experiments

In addition to the physical systems themselves, we have various analytical and numerical models of the systems.

Hardware and software infrastructure

We have developed a standard hardware and software infrastructure for use in our experiments. This infrastructure vastly reduces the time required for a researcher or instructor to set up a control laboratory, for either research or teaching purposes.

Teaching modules

Homepages for Caltech courses which utilize these experiments

Links to other resources on curriculum development in controls

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