CDS 110: Introduction to Control Theory

Fall 2002


Richard M. Murray

Office hours by appointment

Teaching Assistants

  • Sean Humbert (jshumber@cds; head TA)
  • Tim Chung (timothyc@its), Lars Cremean (lars@cds), Zhipu Jin (jzp@cds), Shreesh Mysore (shreesh@cds)

Office hours: Fri 3-4 pm and Sun 5-7 pm, 110 Steele

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Course Description

This course is an introduction to analysis and design of feedback control systems, including classical control theory in the time and frequency domain. Modeling of physical, biological and information systems using linear and nonlinear differential equations. Stability and performance of interconnected systems, including use of block diagrams, Bode plots, Nyquist criterion, and Lyapunov functions. Robustness and uncertainty management in feedback systems through stochastic and deterministic methods. Introductory random processes, Kalman filtering, and norms of signals and systems. The first term of this course is taught concurrently with CDS 101, but includes additional lectures, reading, and homework that is focused on analytical techniques for design and synthesis
of control systems.

Suggested pre-requisites: Basic course on ordinary differential equations and linear algebra (equivalent to Ma 1/2).

Lectures: Monday, 2-3 pm and Wed 1-3 pm, 102 Steele

Week Date Lec Topic (click for details) FAQ Reading Homework
30 Sep L1.1 Introduction to feedback and control FAQ

CDS Panel Report, Ch 1-2
Astrom, Ch 1

HW #1 [soln]
2 Oct L1.2 Introduction to control technology (pdf) FAQ
7 Oct L2.1 System modeling FAQ Astrom, Sec 3.1-3.3, 3.6 HW #2 [soln]
9 Oct L2.2 ODE modeling for control (MacMartin) FAQ
14 Oct L3.1 Stability and performance FAQ Astrom, Sec 3.5, 7.4
MLS, Sec 4.4
HW #3 [soln]
16 Oct L3.2 Lyapunov stability and second order systems FAQ
21 Oct L4.1 Linear systems FAQ PPH, Ch 19-23
Astrom, Sec 3.6, 3.7 (pp 125-134)
HW #4 [soln]
23 Oct L4.2 Analysis of linear systems; discrete time systems FAQ
28 Oct L5.1 Controllability and state space feedbaack FAQ PPH, Ch 25
Lewis, Ch 2
Midterm [soln]
30 Oct L5.2 Linear systems analysis FAQ
4 Nov L6.1 Transfer functions FAQ PPH, Ch 5-6
Lewis, Ch 3-4
HW #5 [soln]
6 Nov L6.2 Bode plots and performance specification FAQ
11 Nov L7.1 Loop analysis of feedback systems FAQ Astrom, Sec 3.5, 4.5
PPH, Ch 30-31
HW #6 [soln]
13 Nov L7.2 Nyquist analysis, second order systems, time delay FAQ
18 Nov L8.1 Frequency domain control design FAQ L82_dfan.m HW #7 [soln]
20 Nov L8.2 Ducted fan design example FAQ
25 Nov L9.1 PID control and root locus FAQ

Astrom, Sec 6.1-6.4, 6.6
PPH, Ch 13
Lewis, Sec 11.1-11.3

HW #8 [soln]
27 Nov L9.2 Root locus analysis, performance limits FAQ
2 Dec L10.1 Uncertainty analysis FAQ None Final [soln]
4 Dec L10.2 Motion control systems FAQ

In addition to the main lecture, supplemental lectures and review sessions will be offered to provide additional material for the class.

Optional lectures and reviews: Friday, 2 pm PDT, 102 Steele

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There is no required text for the course. Reading material for the class will be posted here, along with links to supplemental information.

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