Biographical Note

Jonathan Kew studied engineering at Cambridge University in England, before moving into linguistics and computing. He has worked with SIL since 1985. During this time he has applied many levels of computing technology, from CP/M to Mac OS X, to various aspects of south Asian and near Eastern text processing. His main interests lie in non-Roman font design and script engineering, text processing, and typesetting.

During the 1990s, he adapted TeX to work with the non-Roman font support available on the Mac platform, first through the WorldScript technology and then using QuickDraw GX. With the coming of Mac OS X, this work developed into XeTeX, which integrated the Mac's support for Unicode, fonts, graphics, and PDF with the TeX system. From its roots on Mac OS X (still the primary development environment), XeTeX has now grown to become a cross-platform tool, and ships as a standard part of TeX Live.

Read more about Jonathan in a recent interview by Dave Walden at the TUG Interview Corner.

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