Arnold diffusion in the dynamics of a four-machine power system undergoing a large fault

Marsden, J. E., F. M. A. Salam and P. P. Varaiya

In Proc. IEEE Conf. on Dec. and Control, Trans. AMS, 281, (1983), 1411-1414


We focus on the seemingly complicated dynamics of a four-machine power system which is undergoing a sudden fault. Adopting a Hamiltonian (energy) formulation, we consider the system as an interconnection of (one degree of freedom) subsystems. Under certain configuration (a star network) and parameter values we establish the presence of Arnold diffusion which entails periodic, almost periodic, and complicated nonperiodic dynamics all simultaneously present; and erratic transfer of energies between the subsystems. In section 1 we introduce the transient stability problem in a mathematical setting and explain what our results mean in the power systems context. Section 2 provides insights into Arnold diffusion and summarizes its mathematical formulation. Section 3 gives conditions for which Arnold diffusion arises on certain energy levels of the swing equations. These conditions are verified analytically in the case when all but one subsystem (machine) undergo relatively small oscillations.