OS 9 (1996-2004)
  1. Copy the TypeIt4Me Classic control panel to the control panels folder.

  2. Copy the Macintosh Shortcut files to a convenient folder or to the desktop, where it will be available for TypeIt4Me to open.

  3. Restart the machine.

  4. Open a shortcut file (such as latex.scm) from within the TypeIt4Me menu.

  5. Open your favorite editor (Textures, Alpha, etc.) and type a shortcut such as ``xa-spacebar'' to test the system.

    ...Be sure to select the "Preferences" in the TypeIt4Me Menu, to set up the "Hot Keys: Date/Time, Expansion, Menu, etc." For example, Option-shift-o is our choice for switching TypeIt4Me on and off from the keyboard.

OS X (2007-)
  1. Download and install the TypeIt4Me X application
  2. Import the latex2e.scm shortcuts file from here and follow the instructions given with TypeIt4Me.
  3. Test the shortcuts with any TeX editor, e.g., TeXShop, which comes with the MacTeX Distribution

Emacs users can follow the instructions given on Ari Stern's homepage.

VIM users can add the FasTeX Shortcuts to the VIM-LaTeX plugin definitions.

Happy FasTeX-ing!...

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