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A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design
Abstract In an aircraft electric power system, one …
In an aircraft electric power system, one or more supervisory control units actuate a set of electromechanical switches to dynamically distribute power from generators to loads, while satisfying safety, reliability, and real-time performance requirements. To reduce expensive redesign steps, this control problem is generally addressed by minor incremental changes on top of consolidated solutions. A more systematic approach is hindered by a lack of rigorous design methodologies that allow estimating the impact of earlier design decisions on the final implementation. To achieve an optimal implementation that satisfies a set of requirements, we propose a platform-based methodology for electric power system design, which enables independent implementation of system topology (i.e., interconnection among elements) and control protocol by using a compositional approach. In our flow, design space exploration is carried out as a sequence of refinement steps from the initial specification toward a final implementation by mapping higher level behavioral and performance models into a set of either existing or virtual library components at the lower level of abstraction. Specifications are first expressed using the formalisms of linear temporal logic, signal temporal logic, and arithmetic constraints on Boolean variables. To reason about different requirements, we use specialized analysis and synthesis frameworks and formulate assume guarantee contracts at the articulation points in the design flow. We show the effectiveness of our approach on a proof-of-concept electric power system design.
f-of-concept electric power system design.  +
Authors P. Nuzzo, H. Xu, N. Ozay, J. B. Finn, A. L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, R. M. Murray, A. Donze, S. A. Seshia  +
Flags NCS  +
Funding ICyPhy: Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems +
ID 2014b  +
Source IEEE Access, 2014. DOI 10.1109/ACCESS.2013.2295764  +
Tag nuz+14-ieee  +
Title A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design +
Type Journal paper  +
Categories Papers
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