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A Bayesian approach to inferring chemical signal timing and amplitude in a temporal logic gate using the cell population distributional response +bae+17-qbio  +
A Case Study in Approximate Linearization: The Acrobot Example +mh91-erl  +
A Compositional Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control with Co-safe Temporal Logic Specifications +hwm14-iros  +
A Compositional Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control with Temporal Logic Specifications +hwm14-acc  +
A Computational Approach to Real-Time Trajectory Generation for Constrained Mechanical Systems +mmm00-cdc  +
A Constrained Optimization Framework for Wireless Networking in Multi-Vehicle Applications +sm04-acc  +
A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design +nuz+14-ieee  +
A Control-Oriented Analysis of Bio-Inspired Visuomotor Convergence +hmd05-cdc  +
A Design Study for Thermal Control of a CVD Reactor for YBCO +ggm98-cca  +
A Domain-Specific Language for Reactive Control Protocols for Aircraft Electric Power Systems +xom13-hscc  +
A Framework for Low--Observable Tra jectory Generation in the Presence of Multiple Radars +immm08-jgcd  +
A Framework for Lyapunov Certificates for Multi-Vehicle Rendezvous Problems +tiw+04-acc  +
A Frequency Domain Condition for Stability of Interconnected MIMO Systems +gm04-acc  +
A Geometric Perspective on Bifurcation Control +wm00-cdc  +
A Homotopy Algorithm for Approximating Geometric Distributions by Integrable Systems +sbhm95-cds  +
A Method for Cost-Effective and Rapid Characterization of Engineered T7-based Transcription Factors by Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Reveals Insights into the Regulation of T7 RNA Polymerase-Driven Expression +MMEL19-abb  +
A Motion Planner for Nonholonomic Robots +ljtm94-tra  +
A Multi-Model Approach to Identification of Biosynthetic Pathways +dfm07-acc  +
A New Computational Method for Optimal Control of a Class of Constrained Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations +pmm02-ifac  +
A Risk-Aware Architecture for Resilient Spacecraft Operations +mcg+15-ieeeaero  +
A Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Algorithm with a Safety Mode +camm08-ifac  +
A Scalable Formulation for Engineering Combination Therapies for Evolutionary Dynamics of Disease +jm14-acc  +
A State-space Realization Approach to Set Identification of Biochemical Kinetic Parameters +hm15-ecc  +
A Sub-optimal Algorithm to Synthesize Control Laws for a Network of Dynamic Agents +ghm05-ijc  +
A Testbed for Nonlinear Flight Control Techniques: The Caltech Ducted Fan +mm99-cca  +
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