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A Case Study in Approximate Linearization: The Acrobot Example +NoRequest  +
A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design +NCS  +
A population-based temporal logic gate for timing and recording chemical events +Biocircuits  +
Active Control of Rotating Stall Using Pulsed Air Injection: A Parametric Study on a Low-Speed, Axial Flow Compressor +NoRequest  +
An Efficient Algorithm for Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems +NoRequest  +
An Experimental Comparison of Controllers for a Vectored Thrust, Ducted Fan Engine +NoRequest  +
Applications and Extensions of Goursat Normal Form to Control of Nonlinear Systems +NoRequest  +
Approximate Trajectory Generation for Differentially Flat Systems with Zero Dynamics +NoRequest  +
Aspects of Geometric Mechanics and Control of Mechanical Systems +NoRequest  +
Autonomous Reorientation of a Manuever-Limited Spacecraft Under Simple Pointing Constraints +NoRequest  +


Biophysical Constraints Arising from Compositional Context in Synthetic Gene Networks +Biocircuits  +


Cell-free and in vivo characterization of Lux, Las, and Rpa quorum activation systems in E. coli +Biocircuits  +
Characterizing and Prototyping Genetic Networks with Cell-Free Transcription-Translation Reactions +Biocircuits  +
Control Primitives for Robot Systems +NoRequest  +
Control Theory for Synthetic Biology: Recent Advances in System Characterization, Control Design, and Controller Implementation for Synthetic Biology +Biocircuits  +
Control of Rotating Stall in a Low-Speed Axial Flow Compressor Using Pulsed Air Injection: Modeling, Simulations, and Experimental Validation +NoRequest  +
Control on the Sphere and Reduced Attitude Stabilization +NoRequest  +
Converting Smooth, Time-Varying, Asymptotic Stabilizers for Driftless Systems to Homogeneous, Exponential Stabilizers +NoRequest  +
Cross-entropy Temporal Logic Motion Planning +NCS  +


Decompositions for Control Systems on Manifolds with an Affine Connection +NoRequest  +
Design and application of stationary phase combinatorial promoters +Biocircuits  +
Differential Flatness and Absolute Equivalence of Nonlinear Control Systems +NoRequest  +
Differential Flatness of Mechanical Control Systems: A Catalog of Prototype Systems +NoRequest  +
Differentially Flat Nonlinear Control Systems +NoRequest  +


Engineering Transcriptional Regulator Effector Specificity using Computational Design and In Vitro Rapid Prototyping: Developing a Vanillin Sensor +Biocircuits  +
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