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A Brain Circuit Program for Understanding the Sensorimotor Basis of Behavior +NIH  +
Assurance for Learning Enabled Systems +DARPA  +


Biomolecular Breadboards for Prototyping and Debugging Synthetic Biocircuits +DARPA  +
Biomolecular Circuits for Rapid Detection and Response to Environmental Events +Army Research Office  +
Biomolecular Feedback Circuits for Modular, Robust and Rapid Response +Army Research Office  +


CAGEN: Critical Assessment of Genetically Engineered Networks +NAKFI  +
Cell-Free Expression of Membrane Proteins with Applications to Drug Discovery +Amgen  +
Control Design for Cyberphysical Systems Using Slow Computing +NSF  +
Correct-by-Construction Synthesis of Control Protocols for Aerospace Systems +Boeing  +


Design of Digitally Controlled Bacterial Circuits for Bioenabled Materials +Army Research Lab/Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies  +
Developing Standardized Cell-Free Platforms for Rapid Prototyping of Synthetic Biology Circuits and Pathways +NSF  +
Dissecting microbiome-gut-brain circuits for microbial modulation of host cognition in response to diet and stress +ARO  +
Distributed Sense and Control Systems +DARPA FCRP  +


Enabling Technologies for Cell-Silicon Interfacing +Army Research Office  +
Engineering Durable Cell-Free Biological Capabilities for Advanced Sensing and Prototyping +Army Research Office  +
Establishing microfluidic cell-free systems for the rapid prototyping of synthetic genetic networks +Human Frontiers Science Program  +


Field-Programmable, Recombinase-Based Biomolecular Circuits +Army Research Office  +
Formal Methods for V&V and T&E of Autonomous Systems +AFOSR  +
Fundamental Biological Factors Underlying Human Performance: From Molecular Diagnostics and Detection to Behavior and Systems Biology +Army Research Office  +


Genetic Circuits for Multi-Cellular Machines +Army Research Lab/Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies  +


ICyPhy: Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems +IBM, UTC  +
Improvement of E. coli transcription-translation (TX-TL) system +Caltech Grubstake  +


Model-Based Design and Qualification of Complex Systems +Boeing  +
Model-guided Discovery and Optimization of Cell-based Sensors +Office of Naval Research  +
Molecular Programming Architectures, Abstractions, Algorithms, and Applications +NSF  +
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