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This page is intended to be used for comments on Chapter 4 - Markovian Jump Linear Systems. To enter a new comment, create a new third level heading with your name and date. Then enter comments below and people can respond/converse.

RMM comments, 15 Jun 09

  • Notation differs from Chapter 2 and notation chapter. Using r(k) instead of r_k. OK for now, but eventually we will need to standardize.
As I said in the call, subscripts will lead to subscripts of subscripts and subscripts of superscripts. Of course, if the standard is subscript, I will change my notation. --Vijay, 25 June
  • Use example environment for examples (this will generate the proper header + end of example marks)
  • I would suggest that we don't use the acronym MJLS, but rather write out "Markovian jump linear system". The exception would be if you actually say "MJLS" when you talk about a Markovian jump linear system (like we say "LTI").
I am fine with not using MJLS. --Vijay, 25 June
  • The form of the theorems in this chapter is a bit awkward. They are very long and have itemized lists. I would remove the latter (use enumerated lists if necessary) and see if we can arrange things so that the proof statements are much shorter (using appropriate definitions, lemmas, etc) if that helps.
  • Not sure if we need to include H_infty control, but leave as a placeholderer for now.
I agree. --Vijay, 25 June

30 Jul 09 telecon

  • Time horizon = N or T
  • Equation (4.3) uses t as an index; shift to i, j, etc
  • Need to reformat the equations to fit the text
  • Add a section to chapter 2 that summarizes LQG (after 2.7)
  • Watch out for \Pi conflicts with Ricatti operator