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Center for Biological Systems Architecture (CBSA)

Christina D. Smolke (PI)
Anand Asthagiri      David Baltimore      John Doyle      Michael Elowitz
Grant Jensen      Richard Murray      Dianne Newman      Rob Phillips


  • Intro material + admin, training, etc (15 Nov 06, 10:30 pm): pdf (154K)
  • DBP #1 - Core Processes in Micro-Organisms: doc (3.0 MB), pdf (1.3MB)
  • NIH: RFA, PHS 398


  • 16-18 Nov: CDS out of town (online)
  • 19 Nov (Sun): Meet at 10 am in Steele

Proposal Outline

Program summary (5 pages)

  • Current owner: Richard
  • Sent out for comment on 13 Nov
  • Added paragraph from MBE in single cell imaging

Organizational structure/decision making plan (2 pages)

  • Current owner: Richard
  • Working on first iteration; sent to Christina then to group

Center development and outreach plans (5 pages)

  • Current owner: Richard
  • Sent out for comment

Research projects and preliminary studies (50 pages)

DBP #1
DBP #2
DBP #3
Experimental Platforms
Theory and Computation

Core facilities (2 pages)

Education and Training

  • Owner: Richard Murray
  • Initial version sent out for comment

Intellectual property plan (1 page)

Diversity (URM) plan (1 page)

Timeline (2 pages)