An In Silico Modeling Toolbox for Rapid Prototyping of Circuits in a Biomolecular “Breadboard” System

Zoltan A. Tuza, Vipul Singhal, Jongmin Kim, Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2013 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

In this paper, we develop an experimentally val- idated MATLAB software toolbox as an accompaniment to an in vitro cell-free biomolecular “breadboard” system. The toolbox gives insight into the dynamics of unmeasured states in the cell-free system, accounting especially for the resource usage. Parameter lumping and the reduced order modeling are used to maintain computational tractability and to avoid ill-conditioning. The toolbox allows for most applications to be implemented with standard set of commands for ease of use. Due to the breadboarding nature of the underlying cell-free sys- tem, the toolbox provides a general framework for experiment planning and predictive modeling for synthetic biomolecular circuits cell-free systems, accelerating our capacity to rationally design circuits from well characterized parts.

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