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This page contains information on software that can be used to perform some of the analysis described in A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation.


Two Mathematica packages have been written which implement many of the calculations described in MLS. These packages are available free of charge using the links below. This software does not work with the latest version of Mathematica. The software will be updated along with the second edition of the text.

Tar files

  • screws.tar - contains source code, documentation, and examples for Screws.m and RobotLinks.m (tar file, 128K).
  • examples.tar - Mathematica source code for most of the examples in the book (tar file, 48K).

Individual files

  • Screws.m - A package for basic screw calculus in R^3.
  • RobotLinks.m - Calculate kinematic functions for robots (using Screws.m).
  • Jac.m - simple function for computing Jacobian matrices for nonlinear maps.
  • SCARA.m - Forward kinematics for a 4 DOF SCARA manipulator (requires Screws.m)
  • Elbow.m - Forward kinematics for a 6 DOF Elbow manipulator (requires Screws.m)
  • More examples: Individual examples from the book