CDS 101/110

CDS 101/110 -- Fall 2004

Analysis and Design of Feedback Systems

Recitation Sections

A series of problem solving (recitation) sessions are run by the course teaching assistants. These sections are broken up according to areas. All CDS 110 students are expected to attend at least one problem solving session per week. Initial section assignments will be posted the second week of class.

Topic Teaching Assistant Time and location
Biomolecular and chemical systems Domitilla Del Vecchio, Steve Chapman Fri, 3-4 pm, 110 Steele
Information systems Morr Mehyar, Kevin Tang Thu, 7-8 pm, 125 Steele
Mechanical and aerospace systems I Hao Jiang Wed, 4-5 pm, 08 Thomas
Mechanical and aerospace systems II Demetri Spanos Fri, 3-4 pm, 125 Steele
Electrical and electronic systems Asa Hopkins Thu, 9-10 am, 125 Steele
Robotics and autonomous systems Haomiao Huang Wed, 4-5 pm, 010 Thomas

Biomolecular and chemical systems

This section is focused on feedback and control problems in biological (primarily biomolecular) and chemical systems. Students in biology, bioengineering, chemistry and chemical engineering are encouraged to consider this section.

  • TAs: Domitilla Del Vecchio (CDS), Steve Chapman (ChE)
  • Co-instructors: Anand Asthagiri (ChE)

Information systems

This section deals with systems in which information dynamics and feedback play a central role, such as problems in computer networking, software and economics. Students in computer science, communications, and social sciences are encouraged to consider this section.

  • TAs: Morr Meyhar (EE), Kevin Tang (EE)
  • Co-instructors: Steven Low (CS/EE)

Mechanical and aerospace systems

This section is focused on control problems related to mechanical and aerospace systems, including thermal, fluid and mechanical systems. Students in mechanical engineering and aeronautics are encouraged to consider this section.

  • TAs: Hao Jiang (ME)
  • Co-instructors: Tim Colonius (ME)

Electrical and electronic systems

This section considers problems arising from electrical, electronic and optoelectronic systems, including photonics and quantum systems. Students in applied physics, electrical engineering, and physics are encouraged to attend this section.

  • TAs: Asa Hopkins (Ph)
  • Co-instructors: Ali Hajimiri (EE), Hideo Mabuchi (Ph/CDS)

Robotics and autonomous systems

This section will focus on interdisciplinary problems that arise in the context of robotics and autonomous systems, and will be coordinated with CS/EE/ME 75. Students in computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are encouraged to consider this section.

  • TAs: Haomio Huang (EE), Demetri Spanos (CDS)
  • Co-instructors: Richard Murray (CDS)

Section Assignments

These assignments are based on the scheduling forms turned in by the students. You are welcome to attend a different section if you like.

Bio/chem process (9) Info Sys (11) Mech/Aero I (16) Mech/Aero II (16) Elect Sys (11) Robotics (20)
Fri, 3-4p Thu, 7-8p Wed, 4-5 Fri, 3-4 Th, 9-10a Wed, 4-5p
TA: Del Vecchio TA: Meyhar/Tang TA: Jiang TA: Spanos TA: Hopkins TA: Huang
Ali, Maryam
Chen, Jonathan
Day, Brian
Gunterman, Haluna
Kwei, Eric
Morris, Dylan
Rawlings, Brandon
Villet, Michael
Yen, Terry
Capponi, Agostino
Choi, Jae-Woo
Costa, Thiago
Gillula, Jeremy
Hu, Cheng
Isayan, Vigen
Liebs, Jeremy
Martin, James
Ouyang, Yingkai
Yim, Joanne
Zortman, Kristen

Chen, Cindy
Chrystal, Kyle
DeDontney, Nora
Fishman, Laura
Fleming, Scott
Joe, Won Tae
Li, Xiaobai
Lim, Ricky
Ma, Tammy
Miller, Paul
Priolo, Michael
Pullin, Andrew
Reynolds, Jess
Richartz, Mauricio
Sutoyo, Daniel
Tholippllarachchi, C
Bailey, Robert
Boyle, Patrick
Cariello, Daniel
Celano. Luigi
Chamberlain, Lyle
Cheung, Sai Hung
Cohen, Joanna
Davies, Delia
DuToit, Philip
Dydek, Zac
Janov, Tracy
Kwok, Andrew
Nong, Hung
Tchieu, Andrew
Torres, Felipe
Wilhoit, Sarah
Cady, Eric
Castro, Nataly
Ghanta, Rajiv
Lamb, Jeff
Lewis, Shannon
Ma, Julia
Seeman, Lisa
Srinivasan, Arthi
Wildanger, Beth
Wu, Bin
Yun, Gunsu

Barnor, Henry
Braman, Julia
Escobedo, Jesse
Gremmer, Ike
Hong, Sue Ann
Jiron, Franklin
Kimura, Margo
Lindzey, Laura
Loewer, EthelMae
Losher, Ross
Ma, Jeremy
Pickett, Ben
Ristroph, Gunnar
Rogers, Laura
Stewart, Alex
Stoy, Katie
Tjia, Arthur
Wessel, Lauren
Wong, Philip
Yosinski, Jason