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This book presents a mathematical formulation of the kinematics, dynamics, and control of robot manipulators. It uses an concise set of mathematical tools which emphasizes the geometry of robot motion and allows a large class of robotic manipulation problems to be analyzed in a unified framework. The book contains numerous examples and exercises which enable it to be used both as a text for an advanced course in robotics and as a reference for robotics researchers. It is accessible to anyone whose has had previous exposure to robotics and has a basic knowledge of linear algebra and advanced calculus.

The foundation of the book is a derivation of robot kinematics using the product of exponentials formula. This formalism relies on the representation of rigid body motion as the exponential of a generalized velocity (twist). It is used to analyze both the forward and inverse kinematic problems, as well as to study the intrinsic geometry of the Jacobian of a robot manipulator. In addition to the kinematics of open-chain manipulators, the book contains a complete description of the kinematics of multi-fingered robot hands, including rolling contacts.

The book also presents an analysis of the dynamics and control of robots systems. The dynamics of robot manipulators are derived in a fashion which emphasizes the fundamental properties of such systems, and allows both constrained and unconstrained manipulators to be represented in a common framework. A direct consequence of this derivation is that controllers for simple robots can immediately be extended to controllers for complicated, interconnected systems, such as a multi-fingered robot hand. Specification and control of internal forces and internal motions (redundancy) are also treated, as are the implications of the nonholonomic nature of rolling contact.

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This book is available from CRC Press. To order a copy of the book, you can call the CRC order department at 1-800-272-7737. The CRC catalog number is 7981 and the list price is $99.95 (slightly higher if you are outside the US).

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