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Edition Second
Version number 3.0j
Submission date 31 Aug 2019
Your name Richard Murray
E-mail address murray@cds.caltech.edu
Chapter 11
Page number 12
Line number 8
Current status Closed

The gains listed for the original Ziegler-Nichols tuning rules don't quite match what was in the original paper:

  • For the step response method, the integral time constant for a PI controller should be T_i = \tau/0.3 (instead of 3 \tau).
  • For the frequency response method, the proportional gain for a PI controller should be k_p = 0.45 k_c (instead of 0.4 k_c and the integral time constant should be T_i = T_c/1.2 (instead of 0.8 T_c).