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This page contains information on the road map for completing the book. The page is protect, so that it is not publically readable.

22 Feb 06 Roadmap

Winter 2006

  • KJA: write up Kalman estimator section (w/out random processes)
    • Done (14 Mar 06). Notes written and given to Richard to enter
  • RMM: draft robust performance section (see Talk:Robust Performance)
    • Done (14 Mar 06). Karl will take from here
  • Mid-March meeting (RMM to UCSB)
    • Discuss sections above - done
    • Discuss and decide on publisher - done. Most likely PUP
  • Karl leaves Santa Barbara on 31 Mar

Spring 2006

  • RMM: Finish up empty sections, update text
  • KJA: Add exercises
  • Leif: work with Richard on latex, figures, etc (and pdflatex?)
  • All: rough index complete
  • 23 April (Sun) - possible meeting in Cambridge
  • 26 April (Wed) - possible meeting in London
  • KJA readthrough in june

Summer 2006

  • Finish index
  • Final version of figures
  • Final formatting
  • RMM visit to Lund: 12-14 Jul or 24-26 Jul
  • Final draft complete by 1 Sep

Fall 2006

  • CDS 101/110a usage (as bound book)
    • Final draft, with exercises and index
    • Basic wiki complete, with MATLAB files, FAQs, etc
  • Draft to publisher for external review


  • Feedback from publisher in Jan 07
  • Ship final version to publisher by Apr 07 (possible preprint earlier for textbook sales)
  • Preprints available at ACC (Jun), ECC (Jul)
  • Final version available by Fall 2007 (for classes)