System Modeling

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A model is a precise {representation} of a system's dynamics used to answer questions via analysis and simulation. The model we choose depends on the questions we wish to answer, and so there may be multiple models for a single physical system, with different levels of fidelity depending on the phenomena of interest. In this chapter we provide an introduction to the concept of modeling, and provide some basic material on two specific methods that are commonly used in feedback and control systems: differential equations and difference equations.

Textbook Contents

Chapter 2 - System Modeling (25 Aug 05) (pdf, 25aug05)

  • 1. Modeling Concepts
  • 2. State Space Models
  • 3. Schematic Diagrams
  • 4. Examples
  • 5. Other Types of Models
  • 6. Further Reading
  • 7. Exercises

Lecture Materials

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