Supplement: Networked Sensing, Estimation and Control Systems

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Vijay Gupta (Notre Dame), Richard M. Murray (Caltech), Ling Shi (HKUST) and Bruno Sinopoli (CMU)

The area of "Networked Control Systems" has emerged over the past decade as a subdiscipline in control theory in which the flow of information in a system takes place across a network. Unlike traditional control systems, where computation and communications are usually ignored, the approaches that have been developed networked control systems explicitly take into account various aspects of the channels that interconnect different parts of the overall system and the nature of the distributed computation that follows from this structure. This leads to a new set of tools and techniques for analysis and design of networked control systems that builds on the rich frameworks of communication theory, computer science and control theory.

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  • Chapter 6: Packet-based Estimation Control
  • Chapter 7: Information Flow and Consensus
  • Chapter 8: Distributed Estimation
  • Chapter 9: Distributed Control
  • Bibliography and Index (PDF)

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