Supplement: Biomolecular Feedback Systems

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Domitilla Del Vecchio (U. Mich) and Richard M. Murray (Caltech)

The supplement contains a number of examples and exercises related to some of the molecular mechanisms for feedback within cells. These examples are being expanded into a set of notes by Domitilla Del Vecchio and Richard Murray based on a variety of presentations, lectures and notes.


  1. Introduction
  2. Modeling
    • Review of cell biology basics
    • Chemical kinetics, Michaelis-Menten, Hill functions
    • Signaling cascades
    • Standard elements (repressor, activator, combinatorial promotors, etc)
    • Additional topics (time delays)
  3. Regulation in cells
    • Proportional control: activation and repression (+ demand theory)
    • Integral compensation (chemotaxis)
    • Allosteric regulation
  1. Robustness and limits of performance
    • Autocatalysis and right half plane zeros
  2. Biological switches and oscillators
  3. Multi-cellular signalling
    • Development (notch/delta)
    • Quorum sensing
  4. Modularity and synthetic biology


Additional Information