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  1. 10 Feb 06 Meeting Notes
  2. 13 Jan 06 Meeting Notes
  3. 14 Mar 06 Meeting Notes
  4. 23 Apr 06 Meeting Notes
  5. AM05 Changes
  6. AM05 Pending
  7. ASCC 2009 Workshop
  8. Action Items
  9. Additional Examples
  10. Additional Exercises
  11. After Example 3.4, difference equation should be difference equations
  12. After Example 6.8, reference to equation (6.20) should be equation (6.24)
  13. Appendices
  14. Applications and Examples
  15. Archived news
  16. Asymptotic stability of a nonlinear, damped, mass spring system
  17. At the end of Example 5.12, "dynamics ... evolve" should be "dynamics evolve"
  18. Atomic force microscope
  19. BFS:Archived news
  20. Balance systems
  21. Ball and beam system
  22. Bibliography
  23. Bicycle dynamics
  24. Caltech CDS 101/110
  25. Caption of Figure 4.3 has grammatical error
  26. Citation information
  27. Compartment model
  28. Congestion control
  29. Course syllabus suggestions
  30. Cruise control
  31. Delta-sigma converter
  32. Demoninator of equation (3.27) should be r c
  33. Display equation above equation (2.12) has extra set of parentheses
  34. Dynamic Behavior
  35. E-book
  36. Equation (2.11) has the wrong formula for the transfer function
  37. Equation 2.11 is not equal to the preceding expression from which it came
  38. Errata
  39. Errata: "Assigning a closed loop zero" should be "assigning a closed loop pole"
  40. Errata: A21 entry for op amp dynamics should have a negative sign
  41. Errata: After equation (10.5), low frequency limit bound be 1/T d instead of T d
  42. Errata: After equation (12.23), generalized error is z, not w
  43. Errata: After equation (5.31), rolling friction term disappears if v = 0
  44. Errata: Arrow labeled u fd in Figure 11.3 is in the wrong direction
  45. Errata: At end of Example 5.5, eigenvalue approximations are incorrect
  46. Errata: At end of Example 5.5, real part of eigenvalues has incorrect sign
  47. Errata: At the end of Example 4.6, the roots should have negative real part instead of being positive
  48. Errata: Before Example 9.3, range of theta should be -pi/2 to pi/2
  49. Errata: Bennett's books on the history of control were published in 1979 and 1993
  50. Errata: Caption for Figure 10.3b should be "Derivative action"
  51. Errata: Caption for Figure 12.4 doesn't quite match figure
  52. Errata: Caption for Figure 8.15b is missing an s in the numerator
  53. Errata: Closed loop dynamics matrix is incorrect in Example 4.6
  54. Errata: Closed loop time constant after equation (10.6) has an extra factor of 2
  55. Errata: Contour integral in derivation of Bode's integral formula is analyzed incorrectly
  56. Errata: Denominator of vectored thrust process model should be Js^2
  57. Errata: Diagonal entries for Q v should be rho
  58. Errata: Dimensions of generalized process transfer function matrix should be 5x3
  59. Errata: Dynamics matrix in Example 6.7 has errors in (3,4) and (4,4) entries
  60. Errata: Equation (3.24) should have c in the numerator instead of c0
  61. Errata: Equation (4.4) is labeled incorrectly
  62. Errata: Equation (5.15) is linear in the initial conditions and *input*
  63. Errata: Estimator dynamics in Theorem 7.3 are missing B k r r term
  64. Errata: Example 5.5 includes a damping term not shown in Figure 5.4
  65. Errata: Exercise 11.4 should be Example 11.4 in Exercise 11.9
  66. Errata: Explanation of the lack of zeros when B or C is full rank is confusing
  67. Errata: Exponential signal is incorrect on the left-hand side of harmonic expansion equation
  68. Errata: Extraneous 'LDH' and comment in the text
  69. Errata: Extraneous text "!design" in Chapter 12
  70. Errata: Extraneous text "!linear" in Section 5.1
  71. Errata: F R v F^T term dropped in proof of Theorem 7.4
  72. Errata: Figure 10.11 is missing filter on derivative term
  73. Errata: For Youla parameterization, P = b(s)/a(s) = B(s)/A(s) and C0 = G0(s)/F0(s)
  74. Errata: For underdamped second order system, eigenvalues are listed incorrectly
  75. Errata: Formula for Ged should not have the ' on dc and is missing a minus sign
  76. Errata: Formula for Ger should have the ' on dp, not dc
  77. Errata: Formula for k r in equation (6.21) of Theorem 6.3 is incorrect
  78. Errata: Global Lyapunov stability requires additional conditions
  79. Errata: Impulse response does not include the direct term in the proper manner
  80. Errata: In AFM dynamics, c and k are missing subscript 2
  81. Errata: In Equation (3.19), the second term in the window dynamics should contain \rho c
  82. Errata: In Example 11.12, transfer functions for inner loop and outer loop dynamics are incorrect
  83. Errata: In Example 11.9, the bound on the gain crossover frequency should be 6.48 rad/sec
  84. Errata: In Example 12.6, n = -1 should be n = 1
  85. Errata: In Example 12.8, controller zero is at s = 3.5
  86. Errata: In Example 12.8, process zero is at s = -2
  87. Errata: In Example 12.9, poles are at -a, -p1, -p2
  88. Errata: In Example 2.1, the state space equations for the balance system are missing a divisor of J t in one of the terms
  89. Errata: In Example 2.5, expression for the step response is missing some factors
  90. Errata: In Example 2.7, q should be replaced by p (three places) and theta (one place)
  91. Errata: In Example 4.11, Lyapunov equation entries for f' 1 and f' 2 are switched (solution is correct)
  92. Errata: In Example 4.11, Taylor series term is missing factor of 1/2
  93. Errata: In Example 4.13, inequality should be for x 1 instead of x 2
  94. Errata: In Example 4.6, u d is not computed correctly
  95. Errata: In Example 4.8, the linearized dynamics should contain 3 r e, not 2 r e
  96. Errata: In Example 4.9, V(x) should be V(z)
  97. Errata: In Example 5.12, expression non-equilibrium condition has wrong symbols
  98. Errata: In Example 5.3, dot missing from q in middle term of displayed equation for dynamics with damping
  99. Errata: In Example 5.3, omega d should have terms in the square root reversed
  100. Errata: In Example 5.4, there is a sign error in one of the terms
  101. Errata: In Example 5.5 and 5.6, m1 and m2 should be m
  102. Errata: In Example 5.8, the third nodal equation should be deleted
  103. Errata: In Example 6.10, the reference gain should be k r = a 1/b
  104. Errata: In Example 6.10, the system input for the linearized model should be w instead of u
  105. Errata: In Example 6.3, z 2 should be x 1/omega instead of x 2/omega
  106. Errata: In Example 6.5, definitions of z1 and z2 are switched
  107. Errata: In Example 6.5, reference variable should be L d instead of r
  108. Errata: In Example 6.6 and 7.1, the output equation has 'x' for the state instead of 'c'
  109. Errata: In Example 6.7, the A matrix has an error in the (3,4) entry
  110. Errata: In Example 6.7, the imaginary part of the first pair of eigenvalues is missing factor of i
  111. Errata: In Example 6.7, the open loop eigenvalues are incorrect
  112. Errata: In Example 6.8, the state error should be \xi and the input should be F
  113. Errata: In Example 6.8, the state space dynamics have errors in the trigonometric terms
  114. Errata: In Example 7.2, the observer gain is given by equation (7.11)
  115. Errata: In Example 7.4, hats are missing in displayed equation for u
  116. Errata: In Example 7.6, the coefficient in front of thetadot should be v/b
  117. Errata: In Example 8.3, a = 10 rad/s
  118. Errata: In Example 8.4, boundary condition and coefficients for psi(x) are incorrect
  119. Errata: In Example 8.5, leading term in denominator for H \theta F should be cubic in s
  120. Errata: In Example 8.5, q should be replaced by theta
  121. Errata: In Example 8.6, numerator gain term for G ur should be k r instead of k 1
  122. Errata: In Example 8.8, explanation of effects of poles and zeros is incorrect and confusing
  123. Errata: In Example 8.9, the expression for sigma is not correct
  124. Errata: In Example 9.10, there is an extra factor of a in the second term of the step response
  125. Errata: In Example 9.6, the critical gain is k = 0.5 instead of k = 1
  126. Errata: In Example 9.9, 'gain margin' g m should be 'stability margin' s m
  127. Errata: In Examples 5.5 and 5.6, dynamics in modal form should use z, not x
  128. Errata: In Exercise 10.1, the second term in the denominator should be kp not kd
  129. Errata: In Exercise 10.11, the dynamics for x 2 should test for e less than e 0, not e less than 1
  130. Errata: In Exercise 2.4, ''a'' = 0.25 should be ''a'' = 0.75
  131. Errata: In Exercise 2.7, reference to inverted pendulum may be confusing
  132. Errata: In Exercise 3.2: use observable form, delta is the steering angle and "title" should be "tilt"
  133. Errata: In Exercise 4.1, tau should be defined as t-t 0
  134. Errata: In Exercise 4.1, x 0 should not be subtracted from time-shifted solution
  135. Errata: In Exercise 4.12, some additional assumptions are required for oscillation
  136. Errata: In Exercise 4.14c, the transformation T and its inverse are swapped
  137. Errata: In Exercise 4.2, a e should be a
  138. Errata: In Exercise 4.2, the q in term should be positive
  139. Errata: In Exercise 4.6, Pm/J should be taken as 1 and factor of 1/2 is misplaced
  140. Errata: In Exercise 5.7, the 5% settling time should be 3 tau instead of 2 tau
  141. Errata: In Exercise 5.8, the initial condition is x 0
  142. Errata: In Exercise 5.8d, the left hand side of the first equation should be x(k+1)
  143. Errata: In Exercise 6.13, R should be removed and rho should be rho 1
  144. Errata: In Exercise 6.4, need to assume A is invertible and C A^-1 B is nonzero
  145. Errata: In Exercise 7.11, output to check is the feedforward signal
  146. Errata: In Exercise 7.13, missing equals sign in covariance specification
  147. Errata: In Exercise 8.5, k in the denominator of G(s) should be (k+1)
  148. Errata: In Exercise 8.8, second transfer function should be G yn instead of G yd
  149. Errata: In Exercise 9.9, 10/a should be 1/tau
  150. Errata: In Exercises 2.4 and 5.9, the (2,1) entry of the dynamics matrix should be ab-b
  151. Errata: In Figure 1.11, caption refers to "numbers in circles" that are not present in figure
  152. Errata: In Figure 10.13, the indices on the resistors and capacitors are incorrect
  153. Errata: In Figure 11.3, the label 'y' at the input to P 2 should be removed
  154. Errata: In Figure 12.8, the signs of A and B are reversed
  155. Errata: In Figure 2.16, theta should be O
  156. Errata: In Figure 2.7, the coefficients are for an update period of one day
  157. Errata: In Figure 2.9, "solid" and "dashed" should be swapped
  158. Errata: In Figure 4.18, v and V should be v0
  159. Errata: In Figure 5.3, state labels are incorrect
  160. Errata: In Figure 8.15 and accompanying text a should be omega0
  161. Errata: In Figure 8.3, the gain falls off at omega = a R1 k / R2
  162. Errata: In Theorem 9.3, N should be Z
  163. Errata: In computation of error dynamics, u ff argument is missing
  164. Errata: In description of Bode plot for second order transfer function, 'a' should be omega 0
  165. Errata: In discussion on disturbance signals, "can" should be "cannot"
  166. Errata: In equation (10.4), upper limit of the integral should be t, not infinity
  167. Errata: In equation (12.13) and the displayed equation above it, T should be -T
  168. Errata: In equation (12.16), a is not defined and a factor of a is missing in numerator the last term
  169. Errata: In equation (3.26), q 0 is not defined
  170. Errata: In equation (3.27), the state used for the output should be c, not x
  171. Errata: In equation (5.26), the u(k) term in the integral should be u(tau)
  172. Errata: In equation (5.5), the upper limit of the integral should be t
  173. Errata: In equation (6.17), elements of the output matrix should be in the opposite order
  174. Errata: In equation (6.22), k omega^2 should be k omega 0^2
  175. Errata: In equation (6.24), the sign of the sin(omega t) term is incorrect for zeta less than one
  176. Errata: In equation (6.5), the 4, 3 entry of W r should be g m^2 l^2 M t/mu
  177. Errata: In equation (7.25), the last two endpoint equations are not correct
  178. Errata: In equation (8.15), second order partial derivative is written incorrectly
  179. Errata: In equation (8.6), matrix inverse is computed incorrectly
  180. Errata: In equation (9.8), the right hand side should be evaluated at omega0
  181. Errata: In expression for B(t), missing parenthesis at end of subscripted expression
  182. Errata: In expression for I 1, limits have an extra factor of i
  183. Errata: In heuristic derivation of reachability test, α is missing subscript
  184. Errata: In section on pole/zero cancellations, pole and zero are at s = -a
  185. Errata: In the caption for Figure 6.7, L e=20 should be L e=30
  186. Errata: In the caption for Figure 9.7, the transfer function should match equation (9.4)
  187. Errata: In the complex input u = exp(s t), s should be i omega, not i omega t
  188. Errata: In the last paragraph of Section 7.1, "reachable" should be replaced by "observable"
  189. Errata: In the online version of the text, there is a formatting error in equation (3.23)
  190. Errata: In the paragraph above Example 9.3, G(*) should be L(*)
  191. Errata: Last equation in Example 8.6 has errors in numerator expressions
  192. Errata: Last equation in Example 8.6 has sign error in the second term
  193. Errata: Location of the process pole is missing a zero in figure caption for cruise control example
  194. Errata: Maximum sensitivity occurs at frequency omega ms not omega sc
  195. Errata: Minus sign is missing in gain scheduled feedback
  196. Errata: Missing 's' in expression for characteristic polynomial in discussion of eigenvalue assignment
  197. Errata: Missing factor of 2 pi in residue formula for proof of Theorem 9.3
  198. Errata: Missing factor of A in second term of equation (5.26)
  199. Errata: Missing factor of B in displayed equation after equation (5.28)
  200. Errata: Missing parenthesis in exponential for output signal
  201. Errata: Missing ydot after equation (10.16)
  202. Errata: Missing γ in equation (4.9)
  203. Errata: Near end of Example 4.11, denominator of f'(z 2e) term should be squared
  204. Errata: Numerator and denominator are switched in Exercise 11.11
  205. Errata: Numerical gains for Example 6.7 are incorrect
  206. Errata: Output in Kalman decomposition for Example 7.7 is missing state error term
  207. Errata: Parameter values are missing in Exercise 5.3
  208. Errata: Proportional gain in Example 11.4 transfer function should be kp
  209. Errata: Reference input not included in Figure 11.2 and dimensions of blocks are listed incorrectly
  210. Errata: Reference to equation (6.17) should be to equation (6.15)
  211. Errata: References to first and second equations are switched in computer implementation discussion
  212. Errata: Remove part (a) in Exercise 5.6
  213. Errata: Riemann sphere has radius (not diameter) 1
  214. Errata: Sign error in equation (8.17) - (sI - A) should be (A - sI)
  215. Errata: Sign error in second Lyapunov function in Exercise 4.4
  216. Errata: Solution for x 2j in block diagonal form discussion has sign errors
  217. Errata: State space dynamics in Exercise 3.5 are not correct
  218. Errata: T d should be T f in Exercise 11.9
  219. Errata: The PID integral time constant T i for the op amp implementation should be equal to R 2 C 2
  220. Errata: The Wright brothers made their first successful flight in 1903, not 1905
  221. Errata: The b k i term in the characteristic polynomial has an extra factor of s
  222. Errata: The expressions for the PID parameters for the op amp implementation are incorrect
  223. Errata: The formula given for the rise time of a second order system in Table 6.1 is only approximate
  224. Errata: The labels for v2 and v3 are misplaced in Figure 5.12
  225. Errata: The signal u ff should be u fr in the caption for Figure 11.3 and associated text
  226. Errata: Toward end of Section 10.4, k i should be k t
  227. Errata: Typo in the caption for Figure 4.15
  228. Errata: Values of zeta in the caption for Figure 6.8 don't match the figure
  229. Errata: d(P 1, P 2) is the longest chordal distance, not shortest
  230. Errata location
  231. Examples
  232. Exercise: Congestion Control Stability Analysis
  233. Exercise: Everyday examples of feedback systems*
  234. Exercise: Exploring the dynamics of rolling mill
  235. Exercise: Exploring the dynamics of the ball and beam system
  236. Exercise: Exploring the performance of a cruise controller*
  237. Exercise: Human balance system*
  238. Exercise: Insect flight control modeling
  239. Exercise: Integral action produces zero steady state error*
  240. Exercise: Modeling and simulation of an exothermic reaction
  241. Exercise: Moving your finger through a flame without getting burned
  242. Exercise: Popular articles about control*
  243. Exercise: Properties of linear discrete time systems
  244. Exercise: State feedback control of an AFM in contact mode
  245. Exercise: Supply chain simulation study
  246. Exercise: Traffic light simulation
  247. Exercise: Vehicle powertrain modeling and cruise control
  248. Exercise: Vehicle suspension system modeling and input response
  249. Exercise: Vestibulo-occular reflex*
  250. FAQ: Are the percentages in the definition of rise time, overshoot measured from the final value, or the size of the input change?

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