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13-79In Section 13.2, the word "point" is duplicatedVersion 3.0hClosed
13-8-9In Example 13.6 (Vinnicombe metric), the formula for conjugate point is missing a minus signVersion 3.0jClosed
2-1119In discussion on PI control in Section 2.2, incorrect formula for G yv when \omega is smallVersion 3.0hClosed
2-237In Section 2.1, there is a typo in the discussion of solving for an exponential inputVersion 3.0hClosed
2-49In Section 2.1, referred is misspelledVersion 3.0hClosed
2-55In Example 6.8, signalsith should be signals withVersion 3.0hClosed
2-7-12Equation (2.11) has the wrong formula for the transfer functionVersion 3.0hDuplicate
2-79Equation 2.11 is not equal to the preceding expression from which it cameVersion 3.0hClosed
2-812In Section 2.2, one too many parentheses in an expression for y(t)Version 3.0hClosed
2-815Display equation above equation (2.12) has extra set of parenthesesVersion 3.0hClosed
2-913In discussion of proportional control in Section 2.2, missing v 0 in displayed equationVersion 3.0hClosed
3-10-8In discussion on algebraic loops in Section 3.2, there is an extra "be"Version 3.0hClosed
3-1033In Section 3.1, there is a typo for pluralityVersion 3.0hClosed
3-17-2After Example 3.4, difference equation should be difference equationsVersion 3.0hClosed
3-2-3In Section 3.2, "stiction" should be "friction"Version 3.0hRejected
3-20-15In Section 3.2, just before Simulation and Analysis subsection, "different" should be "difference"Version 3.0hClosed
3-312In Section 3.2, missing space after a period in description of phase portraitsVersion 3.0hDuplicate
3-3111Demoninator of equation (3.27) should be r cVersion 3.0jClosed
4-45Caption of Figure 4.3 has grammatical errorVersion 3.0hClosed
5-138Theorem 5.1 has an extra "all"Version 3.0hClosed
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