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This is a property of type Text.

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After Example 3.4, difference equation should be difference equations +Chanud Yasanayake  +
After Example 6.8, reference to equation (6.20) should be equation (6.24) +Chanud Yasanayake  +
At the end of Example 5.12, "dynamics ... evolve" should be "dynamics evolve" +Chanud Yasanayake  +


Caption of Figure 4.3 has grammatical error +Chanud Yasanayake  +


Demoninator of equation (3.27) should be r c +E. Choinière  +
Display equation above equation (2.12) has extra set of parentheses +Kirk Kai  +


Equation (2.11) has the wrong formula for the transfer function +Chanud Yasanayake  +
Equation 2.11 is not equal to the preceding expression from which it came +Kai Kirk  +


In Equation 10.1, there's a typo 0 instead of ')' +Kai Kirk  +
In Equation 7.2, dot is over the subscript +Kai Kirk  +
In Example 13.6 (Vinnicombe metric), the formula for conjugate point is missing a minus sign +Richard Murray  +
In Example 5.11, extra "a" in description of P +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Example 6.8, signalsith should be signals with +Kai Kirk  +
In Exercise 7.12, it refers to 'Exercise ??.' +Kai Kirk  +
In Problem 6.8, discrete time system does not progress +Kai Kirk  +
In Section 1.7, there is a typo/missing word near the end of the section +Kai Kirk  +
In Section 1.8 text on paper mills, "production unit" should be "production units" +Kai Kirk  +
In Section 1.8, breaking should be braking +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.1, the word "circuit" is misspelled. +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.1, there is a typo in the oscillation condition equation +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.2, part of Figure 10.5 seems to be missing +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.3, the caption for Figure 10.11 seems to have a typo +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.4, Figure 10.14(b) seems to missing the curve for reverse driving phase +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 10.4, the Figure 10.14 caption has a grammatical error +Chanud Yasanayake  +
In Section 11.1, the word "frequencies" is duplicated +Chanud Yasanayake  +
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