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The information on this page is intended for the developers of the AM05 Wiki infrastructure.

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Chapter Structure

Each chapter in the book has a unique one or two word name. These names are used as the page name for the chapter and a templates are used to refer to the chapter according to its chapter number:

  • {{ch:name}} - expands to the full chapter title: "Chapter N - name", where N is the chapter number
  • {{chnum:name}} - expands to the chapter number corresponding to the chapter name
  • {{chname:num}} - expands to the two word name corresponding to chapter N

To change the chapter numbering, you need to change (or create) {{chnum:name}} and {{chname:num}}.

The table below contains links to the information that needs to change if you renumber the chapters (by adding in a new chapter, for example)

Num Name {{chnum}} {{chname}} {{ch}}
Preface Preface
1 Introduction 1 Introduction Chapter 1 - Introduction redirect
2 System Modeling 2 System Modeling Chapter 2 - System Modeling redirect
3 Examples 3 Examples Chapter 3 - Examples redirect
4 Dynamic Behavior 4 Dynamic Behavior Chapter 4 - Dynamic Behavior redirect
5 Linear Systems 5 Linear Systems Chapter 5 - Linear Systems redirect
6 State Feedback 6 State Feedback Chapter 6 - State Feedback redirect
7 Output Feedback 7 Output Feedback Chapter 7 - Output Feedback redirect
8 Transfer Functions 8 Transfer Functions Chapter 8 - Transfer Functions redirect
9 Frequency Domain Analysis 9 Frequency Domain Analysis Chapter 9 - Frequency Domain Analysis redirect
10 PID Control 10 PID Control Chapter 10 - PID Control redirect
11 Frequency Domain Design 11 Frequency Domain Design Chapter 11 - Frequency Domain Design redirect
12 Robust Performance 12 Robust Performance Chapter 12 - Robust Performance redirect
E Implementation E Implementation Appendix E - Implementation
Bibliography Bibliography