HOWTO: Add a FAQ entry

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This HOWTO describes how to create a new FAQ entry. Each FAQ is on a single page, with the title indicating the question and the answer in the body of the page. Only registered wiki users can create a FAQ page.

Creating a new errata entry page

To add a new FAQ entry, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Type the name of the FAQ into the search box. The FAQ page title should be of the form

    FAQ: How do you enter a FAQ?
    The title should be a concise question that indicates the general topic that is explained on the page. For examples of FAQs, see the Frequently Asked Questions page

  2. Click on the 'create this page' link in the search results. This will create a new page and put you into the editor.

  3. Enter the FAQ information using the errata template by entering the following text into the new page:

     {{subst:FAQ template}}

  4. Save the page and then re-edit it. At this point you can fill in the required information using the documentation provided in the template.

How to fill in the template

A standard FAQ page contains a single template with entries for the following information:

  • chapter - Replace with the (capitalized) chapter name where the error occurs
  • contributor - Name of the contributor. Uses initials + last name (R. M. Murray)
  • date - Date on which the FAQ was created. Use the form 'DD Mon YY' (5 Apr 08)
  • answer - Text for the answer to the question in the title. This can be multiple lines, but can't include templates