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This page tries to capture some of the standard entries on pages that go in this wiki. It's mainly here so that I don't forget to make changes as I go through and create the production copy of the wiki in Summer 2006. --RMM 18:58, 2 July 2006 (PDT)

Chapter checklist

Each chapter consists of the following elements

  • Chapter header - use the {{chheader}} template to create a row at the top of the page that links to the previous and next chapters
  • Chapter intro - this should be pulled from the text verbatim (and needs to be updated when the text is updated)
  • Chapter table - right below the intro is a table that lists some summary information for the chapter
    • PDF link - use the {{am05pdf}} template to create a link to the PDF file for the chapter
    • Table of contents - below the PDF link, put a list of all major sections (update when chapter changes)
    • Teaching materials - include links to lectures that cover the material in this chapter. This subsection also includes a link to additional exercises (which is a section further down on the page). NB: use exercises, not homework
    • Supplemental information - these are miscellaneous links to additional information that is useful for this chapter. This will usually include links to MATLAB files, wikipedia entries, as well as frequently asked questions (page link) and supplemental information (page link). Action (RMM): need to decide on a consistent order for these entries
  • Chapter summary - after the table, a summary of the chapter (as a numbered list) should be included.
  • Exercises - list of exercises, generated based on category tags
  • Frequently asked questions - generated based on category tags
  • Additional information - links to other information that is specific to this chapter

Lecture checklist