FAQ: How do we learn how to translate MATLAB equations into the Simulink diagrams?

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Lars Cremean, 7 Oct 2002

Short answer: See the extensive set of MATLAB documentation.

Specifically, the following blocks are standard in Simulink for representing models of systems. A list of them are shown if you type "simulink" at the MATLAB command prompt.


  • Continuous-time (ODEs): Simulink > Continuous > State-Space (like the car model of today's lecture)
  • Discrete-time (difference equations): Simulink > Discrete > Discrete State-Space (like the predator-prey model of today's lecture)

Frequency domain (transfer functions) - you'll learn more about these later in the term:

  • Continuous-time: Simulink > Continuous > Transfer Fcn
  • Discrete-time: Simulink > Discrete > Discrete Transfer Fcn

MATLAB's Stateflow toolbox is designed for modeling finite-state machines (like the traffic light example of today's lecture)