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This page contains information about errata for Feedback Systems. The errata listed here include known and corrected errors since the first printing of the book; clicking on the link will take you to a page with additional details. Typos and other relatively minor corrections are listed here but do not have separate pages with additional details (they also do not appear on individual chapter pages).


  • Each line of text and each line of a displayed equation are counted as a line. Negative line numbers mean number of lines from the bottom of the page. First line on page = 1, last line on page = -1.
  • Entries in boldface indicate errors which might change significantly the interpretation of the text.
  • The version refers to the release number in which the error was found. Errors are corrected in all subsequent releases of the text.
  • The status of the errata uses the following terms:
    • Submitted - erratum has been submitted, but not yet processed
    • Open - erratum has been received, but not yet corrected
    • Pending - erratum has been corrected, but fix is not yet posted
    • Closed - erratum has been corrected and revision is posted
    • Rejected - erratum was rejected (see page for information on why)

Second Edition