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This page contains information about errata for Feedback Systems. The errata listed here include all known and corrected errors since the first printing of the book (Version 2.9d).

Conventions: each line of text and each line of a displayed equation are counted as a line. Negative line numbers mean number of lines from the bottom of the page. First line on page = 1, last line on page = -1. Entries in boldface indicate errors which might change the interpretation of the text.

Page Line Erratum Version
106   7   Solution for x_2j in block diagonal form discussion has sign errors N/A
108   8   Missing γ in equation (4.9) N/A
112   -1   In Example 4.9, V(x) should be V(z) N/A
117   3   Typo in the caption for Figure 4.15 N/A
126   -5   In Exercise 4.1, x_0 should not be subtracted from time-shifted solution N/A
131   -15   Extraneous text "!linear" in Section 5.1 N/A
145, line=5   {{{line}}}   In Example 5.5, dynamics in modal form should use z, not x N/A
169   -12   In heuristic derivation of reachability test, α is missing subscript N/A
181   9   Missing 's' in expression for characteristic polynomial in discussion of eigenvalue assignment N/A
220   12   In computation of error dynamics, u_ff argument is missing N/A
224   -7   References to first and second equations are switched in computer implementation discussion N/A
311   -3   Missing ydot after equation (10.16) N/A
319   -7   Extraneous text "!design" in Chapter 12 N/A
336   -8   Extraneous text "!design" in Chapter 12 N/A
369   -1   Extraneous text "!design" in Chapter 12 N/A