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This page contains information about obtaining Feedback Systems in electronic format, for viewing on an e-book reader. The first edition of the book was not designed to be read on an electronic reader, so these versions all have some quirks. We expect the second edition to be more compatible with modern e-readers and make better use of the features available. Suggestions and comments on the electronic editions of Feedback Systems are welcome.

The following e-book formats are currently available:

Notes for use on different e-book readers


  • The Kindle version of the book allows reflowing, so you can resize the text. Unfortunately, the placement of figures is not always ideal and some equations seem to be misformatted (at least on the IPad Kindle reader)


  • To view the PDF in iBooks (v1.1+), simply import the PDF file into your library in iTunes. After synchronization, the book will be available under the PDF tab. The text is a bit smaller than the printed version and some math fonts are done in roman type instead of italics (not sure why)
  • At the present time, iBooks does not appear to support hyperlinks in the PDF file. The GoodReader PDF previewer can be used as an alternative.