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List of changes made to the wiki. Viewable to any user and editable by sysops. Please list changes in reverse chronological order.

Date User Description of change
28 May 06 Murray More extensions:
  • ncl.php - implements inline category functionality
  • interwiki special - allows manipulation of interwiki tables
27 May 06 Murray Added Wikitex extension to enable amsmath
  • Modified to call dvipng directly from RMM home directory
  • Had to hack dvipng to not use (wasn't available on web server)
20 Apr 06 Murray Turned off public editing of talk pages. Too many spam posts.
22 Oct 05 Murray Added restricted pages
  • Installed new version of restricted pages [1]
  • Someplace earlier than this I updated to 1.5rc4
23 Aug 05 Murray Installed mediawiki 1.5rc2
  • Recompiled math functions, but not working???
    • Fixed by making sure that equations are changed (caching/hash key problem??)
  • SQL database errors seem to have been fixed
  • Installed JD's patch for inline categories; changed 'cur' to 'page'
20 Aug 05 Murray Attempt to get equations to work
  • Installed ocaml and compiled texvc in wiki/math
  • Get error about not being able to create PNG file
  • Paths look OK and manual run of texvc runs OK
  • Need to figure out how to turn debugging/logging on for includes/Math.php
  • 21 Aug: 'convert' program is not installed on web server; sent e-mail to Michael Potter
20 Aug 05 Murray Hack to fix problems with user contributions
  • More SQL database errors (may want v4?) lead to problems with listing user contributions
  • Commented out all assignments of $use_index in SpecialContributions.php
  • Seems to work OK (?)
20 Aug 05 Murray Hack to fix problems with page history
  • Got SQL database error whenever I clicked on the history page
  • Commented out
    $use_index = $db->useIndexClause('page_timestamp');
    on line 419 of includes/PageHistory.php (??))
20 Aug 05 Murray Updated local preferences and set up user rights
  • Only sysops can create accounts
  • Only logged in users can edit pages
  • Anonymous users can see all pages (for now) and edit talk pages (only)
20 Aug 05 Murray Installed MediaWiki 1.5beta4
  • Downloaded tar file from sourceforge
  • Standard installation