13 Jan 06 Meeting Notes

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1. Running examples - see Karl's outline of Section 2.4 + running

  • New example: AFM
  • Remember to add references as we write the examples

2. Walk through

  • Action (RMM): Missing topics: discrete time/sampled data systems
  • Ch 1: basically OK, some small tweaks
  • Examples: complemetn the material: problem solving -> wiki
  • Action (RMM): MATLAB: demphasize any particular tool
  • Wiki summary: show all boxed equations with some explanation
  • Figures: KJA will send examples. Probably use standard MATLAB form (using subplot for scaling). See LaTeX Formatting Guidelines.
  • Action (RMM): Ch 6: needs work - RMM to take first cut
  • Action (RMM): Ch 10: needs work
  • Start indexing
  • Collect references