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        <page value="20051113033152" timestamp="2005-11-13T03:31:52Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: How does a pole at high frequency prevent PID amplification of high frequency noise?" />
        <page value="20051113033704" timestamp="2005-11-13T03:37:04Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: How does moving a pole at zero to a small value prevent integrator windup?" />
        <page value="20051113033929" timestamp="2005-11-13T03:39:29Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: What happens if a or L are negative in Zeigler-Nichols PID tuning?" />
        <page value="20051113040533" timestamp="2005-11-13T04:05:33Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: What are the conditions for stability or instability based on the number of zeroes in the RHP?" />
        <page value="20051113041218" timestamp="2005-11-13T04:12:18Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: Under what conditions is the Bode plot misleading versus the Nyquist plot for stability?" />
        <page value="20051119174726" timestamp="2005-11-19T17:47:26Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: Is the log in Bode integral formula log 10 or log e ?" />
        <page value="20051119174924" timestamp="2005-11-19T17:49:24Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: Isn&#039;t the sensitivity function the same as the function used for steady state error? How are they related?" />
        <page value="20051231172417" timestamp="2005-12-31T17:24:17Z" ns="0" title="FAQ: If I am controlling a second order delay-less plant, it will never give sustained oscillations with P control. Then how do I find the ultimate gain using the Ziegler Nichols method?" />
        <page value="20060323192800" timestamp="2006-03-23T19:28:00Z" ns="0" title="10 Feb 06 Meeting Notes" />
        <page value="20060323193145" timestamp="2006-03-23T19:31:45Z" ns="0" title="14 Mar 06 Meeting Notes" />