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We anticipate the development of several software tools that implement the key concepts and algorithms within the project. This page contains information on the software packages that are (or will be) available.


CCL is an experimental robot programming language. The basic idea is that CCL is both an implementation language and a modeling tool. This means that you can program robots with CCL and you can model robotic systems embedded in their environment. From this page you can read about CCL and download the CCL intepreter, ccli.


SOSTOOLS is a free MATLAB toolbox for formulating and solving sums of squares (SOS) optimization programs. SOSTOOLS can be used to specify and solve sum of squares polynomial problems using a very simple, flexible, and intuitive high-level notation. Currently, the SOS programs are solved using SeDuMi or SDPT3, both well-known semidefinite programming solver, with SOSTOOLS handling internally all the necessary reformulations and data conversion.

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