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University Participants

  • California Institute of Technology: Mani Chandy, John Doyle, Richard Murray (PI)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Pablo Parrilo
  • University of Washington: Eric Klavins

Industry and Government Partnerships

  • Air Force Research Laboratory
    • Air Vehicles Directorate (VA)
    • Munitions Directorate (MN)
    • Space Vehicles Directorate (VS)
  • Boeing Corporation
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Laboratory for Reliable Software (LaRS)

Students and Postdocs

The following students and postdocs received funding under this project:

  • Amir Ali Ahmadi (Graduate student, MIT)
  • Venkat Chandrasekaran (Graduate student, MIT)
  • Mihai Florian (Graduate student, Caltech)
  • Andrew Lamperski (Graduate student, Caltech)
  • Nils Napp (Graduate student, U. Washington)
  • Concetta Pilotto (Graduate student, Caltech) - Assistant professor, Purdue
  • Parikshit Shah (Graduate student, MIT)
  • Fayette Shaw (Graduate student, U. Washington)
  • Noah Stein (Graduate student, MIT)
  • David Thorsley (Postdoc, U. Washington)
  • Nok Wongpiromsarn (Graduate student, Caltech)
  • Jerome White (Graduate student, Caltech) - IBM
  • Aaron Ames (Postdoc, Caltech) - Assistant professor, Texas A&M
  • Julia Braman (Graduate student, Caltech) - Robotics engineering, NASA
  • Michel Charpentier (Visiting professor, Caltech)
  • Shashank Dwivedi (Graduate student, MIT)
  • Michael Epstein (Graduate student, Caltech) - McKinsey
  • Melvin Flores (Graduate student, Caltech) - JPL
  • Zhipu Jin (Graduate student and postdoc, Caltech) - Intel
  • Vanessa Jonsson (Graduate student, Caltech) - Caltech
  • Javad Lavaei (Graduate student, Caltech) - Caltech
  • John Michael McNew (Graduate student, U. Washington) - Toyota
  • Sayan Mitra (Postdoc, Caltech) - Assistant professor, UIUC
  • Kevin Oishi (Graduate student, U. Washington) - U. Washington
  • Ling Shi (Graduate student, Caltech) - Assistant professor, HKUST
  • Demetri Spanos (Graduate student, Caltech) - Visiting Assistant professor, USC
  • Danielle Tarraf (Postdoc, Caltech and MIT) - Assistant professor, Johns Hopkins
  • Fei Wang (Graduate student, Caltech)
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